Fluid Flow Webinar Round-Up

February 13, 2012

One of the things I have noticed from the FEM vs FVM debate is that when you want to couple other physics to fluid flow, then FEM is the best method to do this with. It’s fitting then that my colleague in our Palo Alto office, John Dunec, ran a webinar this week on Multiphysics Flow Simulations with COMSOL.

Fluid Flow Simulations

Hosted by NASA Tech Briefs, the webinar was attended by over 400 people who were interested in seeing how multiphysics works together with CFD. As modeling becomes more sophisticated, then other physical effects can be included, and in many real-world applications they should be.

Watch the Archived Webinar

Did you miss the live webinar on February 9th?
Here you can view an archived version of the Fluid Flow Simulations webinar.


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