Proceedings CD now Finished

Phil Kinnane October 3, 2011
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Now it’s done! All finished. And it’s great but the conference is looking even better.

2011 Proceedings CD

One hundred presentations will be presented during eighteen different sessions, and the 56 posters will be up throughout the whole conference. Topics range from the general (Analysis of Microwave Radiation for Heating) to the specific (Calculating and Observing Opto-Mechanically Induced Surface Acoustic Waves in a Silica Whispering Gallery Microresonator). Contributors will be presenting everything from plasmas in Tokamak reactors to frying potato chips. It looks truly a spectacular conference.

A few groups will be presenting multiple papers. Noteworthy is one group from University of Tennessee, Knoxville and the Oak Ridge National Lab, which will be talking about many aspects to do with their High Flux Isotope Reactor. Another from Dalhousie is looking at a number of subjects, such as CO2 sequestration and phase change in materials.

There is quite a lot of stuff for attendees to get through and decide which presentations they will want to attend. Good luck!



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