The Noisy Problems with Wind Turbines

Phil Kinnane March 19, 2012
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While you may think that the prevalence of lightning strikes, would be a reason for not wanting wind turbines in your backyard, noise is apparently another reason. While this has become less of a problem in recent years, the noise is still there, and is always there whenever the wind blows.

Continuing on with my brief summary of modeling wind turbines, and the resources we have to support you with this, I have found another presentation from Brett Marmo and Barry Carruthers of Engineering Consultants Ltd in the UK. Their paper and presentation gives a great summary of how to use the acoustics-structural interaction features in COMSOL to model acoustic emissions and structural vibration in a wind turbine.

Wind turbine, COMSOL Multiphysics

They extensively modeled the entire turbine system to reveal a complex interaction between gearbox resonances, mounting system performance, and tower design. Yet, rather than just show what’s going wrong, they also develop and simulate measures that provide tonal reduction.

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