May 26, 2017 Oak Brook, Illinois8:30 AM - 3:45 PM

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You are invited to join us at COMSOL Day Oak Brook for a day of multiphysics modeling training, talks by invited speakers, and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other simulation specialists in the COMSOL community.

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This introductory demonstration will show you the fundamental workflow of the COMSOL Multiphysics® modeling environment. We will cover all of the key modeling steps, including geometry creation, setting up physics, meshing, solving, and postprocessing.

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Invited Speakers
Kamlesh Suthar, Argonne National Laboratory

FEA of an Acoustically Levitated Liquid Droplet and Its Use in Material Science at the Advanced Photon Source

Acoustic levitation can be used as a sample holding device to facilitate a containment- and contamination-free environment for x-ray characterization. A stable levitation of liquid droplets can be achieved on the nodes of a standing sound wave via the equilibrium of competing forces of gravity and drag with acoustic radiation. Visual observations indicate that the levitating liquid droplets experience jitter in all three directions. Jittering in a levitating droplet has shown a higher rate of evaporation compared to a stable one. To understand the phenomena involved in the evaporation process of acoustically levitated droplets, finite element analysis simulations were performed using COMSOL Multiphysics®. The simulation results were compared with particle imaging velocimetry (PIV) to validate the modeling effort. The simulation and solvent evaporation rate measurements show that the evaporation rate is higher for solvents with higher vapor pressures, lower viscosities, and a lower compressibility factor. This presentation will cover acoustic levitation, its application at APS, and simulation efforts to understand the physics behind acoustic levitation.

An FEA-multiphysics approach can be used to solve and understand the complex material swelling and shrinking of electrolyte-soft polymers such as hydrogel, peptides, pharmaceutical drugs, etc., due to the change in external stimuli. Also, this talk will briefly discuss the use of FEA multiphysics to understand the physical response of some of the materials in science, engineering, biosensing, and biomedical applications.

Brenno Varanda, Knowles Corporation

Lumped Vibroacoustic Receiver Model COMSOL® Integration: Toward the Optimization of Hearing Aid Design

The speaker will briefly present a vibroacoustic circuit-equivalent model of a miniature hearing instrument loudspeaker, known as a receiver, properly coupled with mechanics and acoustics using the Structural Mechanics and Acoustics modules with COMSOL Multiphysics®. The model is a result from a collaborative initiative in the hearing aid industry to integrate the miniature speaker model into accurate vibroacoustic hearing aid simulations. With accurate models, hearing aid designers can virtually select speakers, refine vibration isolation mounts, and package components to reduce the amount of speaker energy that is fed back to the hearing instrument microphones. The overall goal for the models is to expedite and optimize the lengthy and costly process of designing hearing instruments.

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Learn how to convert a model into a custom app using the Application Builder, which is included in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software. You can upload your apps to a COMSOL Server™ installation to access and run the apps from anywhere within your organization.

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CFD and Heat Transfer Minicourse

Get a quick overview of using the CFD Module and Heat Transfer Module within the COMSOL® software environment.

Low-Frequency Electromagnetics Minicourse

Explore the capabilities of COMSOL Multiphysics® for electromagnetics in the static and low-frequency regime with a focus on the AC/DC Module.

Coffee Break
Solvers and Meshing Minicourse

Explore the meshing techniques that are available in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software and learn about different solver and study types.

High-Frequency Electromagnetics Minicourse

Learn about modeling high-frequency electromagnetic waves using the RF Module, Wave Optics Module, and Ray Optics Module.

Coffee Break
Acoustics and Structural Mechanics Minicourse

Get a brief overview of using the Acoustics Module and Structural Mechanics Module within the COMSOL® software environment.

Optimization Minicourse

Learn to use gradient-based optimization techniques and constraint equations to define and solve problems in shape, parameter, and topology optimization, as well as inverse modeling. The techniques shown are applicable for almost all types of models.

COMSOL Day Details


Chicago Marriott Oak Brook
Marquis Room 1401 22nd Street
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523

COMSOL Speakers

Mian Qin
Mian Qin is a technical sales manager who joined COMSOL in 2010. She received her PhD in mechanical engineering and applied mechanics from the University of Pennsylvania, where she specialized in the simulation of microfluidics.
Walter Frei
Walter Frei leads the applications team in COMSOL's Burlington office. He received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, working on the optimization of photonic crystal microcavity lasers. He has been with COMSOL since 2008.
Chandan Kumar
Chandan Kumar is an applications engineer specializing in structural analysis. He joined COMSOL in 2009. Chandan received his PhD from Penn State University, investigating the dynamics of the self-assembly of semiconductor quantum dots.
Angela Straccia
Angela Straccia is an applications engineer specializing in thermal and fluids engineering. She studied mechanical engineering at Brown University, where she received her BS degree.
Stephanie Alimena
Stephanie Alimena joined COMSOL in 2015 as a sales engineer. She graduated from Tufts University, where she received her BS in chemical engineering.

Invited Speakers

Kamlesh Suthar
Argonne National Laboratory Kamlesh Suthar works at Argonne National Laboratory, where he designs electron storage ring components and solves scientific problems for ANL's synchrotron experimental facility, Advanced Photon Source. He holds a PhD in mechanical engineering. He is currently designing and developing sample management systems for changing environmental stimuli. He is also leading an effort to develop processes for the 3D printing of nanomaterials. Kamlesh has worked in the areas of acoustic levitation, hydrogels, biomaterials, soft polymers, low- and high-frequency electromagnetism, structural mechanics, and chemoelectromechanical systems. He has performed scientific and engineering analysis with FEA and statistical tools and has implemented R&D programs for a synchrotron facility.
Brenno Varanda
Knowles Corporation Brenno Varanda works as a senior electroacoustic engineer at Knowles Corporation. He works with the research, design, and development of hearing-health acoustic transducers. In 2015, he finished his PhD studies at SUNY at Binghamton in mechanical engineering, with a focus on the characterization of hearing aid transducer vibration. He worked together with a team of acoustic experts in the hearing health industry on a vibroacoustic finite element model, which was developed in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software and designed to be integrated with hearing-instrument feedback simulations.

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