Is Perfect Sound Predictable? Webinar - Archived

This is a recording of a webinar that originally aired on October 29, 2019

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Tune into this webinar for a compact overview of the virtual product development of professional audio systems and the latest developments in acoustics multiphysics simulations.

The simulation process at Mvoid, a COMSOL Certified Consultant, allows for a completely virtual design evaluation of professional and consumer audio systems before building any prototype. Multiphysics simulations are an essential element of the concept. CEO Dr. Alfred J. Svobodnik shows how the whole process — from the transducer-level multiphysics model to the auralization of the whole virtual audio system — is realized, and how these virtual systems are used as test beds for innovations.

Mads Herring Jensen, COMSOL's technical product manager for the Acoustics Module, will then provide insight into the latest developments in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software for acoustics applications. Find out where the acoustics simulation journey is going and what new features you can expect in the future.

The speakers will answer your questions directly after the presentation, and all registrants will have access to the webinar recording.

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Archived Webinar Details


Mads J. Herring Jensen

Mads Herring Jensen joined COMSOL in 2011 and is the technical product manager for the Acoustics Module. Before starting at COMSOL, he worked in the hearing aid industry for five years as an acoustic finite element expert. Mads has a PhD in computational fluid dynamics from the Technical University of Denmark.

Alfred J. Svobodnik

Dr. Alfred J. Svobodnik, president and CEO of the Mvoid Group, is an entrepreneur, engineer, and technical scientist with more than 25 years of experience in the areas of multiphysics and virtual as well as computational acoustics. Alfred spent five years at Harman International Inc., where he held several senior managerial and executive advisor positions in the areas of simulation and virtual acoustics for audio systems. He started his career as founding member, executive partner, and CTO of Numerical Analysis and Design in 1990. Alfred completed his doctorate at Vienna University of Technology with a dissertation titled "Numerical Treatment of Elastic Plastic Macromechanical Behavior of Longfiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites."