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Multiphysics Process Simulation of Static Magnetic Fields in High Power Laser Beam Welding of Aluminum

M. Bachmann1 V. Avilov1 A. Gumenyuk1 M. Rethmeier1
1BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin, Germany

Experimental set-up of the laser beam welding of aluminum with steady magnetic field applied perpendicular to the welding direction.

The article deals with the application of the Hartmann effect in high power laser beam welding of aluminum. The movement of liquid metal in a magnetic field causes electric currents which build a Lorentz force that decelerates the original flow. The numerical model calculates the influence of a steady magnetic field on partial penetration keyhole laser beam welding of aluminum. Three-dimensional heat transfer, fluid dynamics with phase transition and electromagnetics were included in the model. The simulations show the potential of flow deceleration by permanent magnetic fields in terms of a suppression of Marangoni flow. The induced magnetic drag component is much higher than viscous damping forces and is therefore an effective means of taking influence on the flow pattern.

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