Multiphysics for life sciences and health care: Simulation examples

Alain Glière
Grenoble, France

Numerical simulation, especially by the finite element method, is widespread in research and development laboratories. Three examples of the use of FEMLAB, in fields as diverse as gamma-ray detection by room-temperature semiconductors, fluorescence-enhanced Diffuse Optical Tomography and microfluidic valve for Lab-on-a-Chip, are presented in this paper.

Keynote speaker's biography: Alain Glière received a degree in Electrical Engineering (1981) and a Ph. D. (1988), both from the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (France). Since that time, he has been involved, as a project manager, in a wide range of topics dealing with numerical simulation of physical phenomena (electromagnetism, computational fluid dynamics, MRI, X and gamma ray, heat transfer, etc.). In 1995, he joined CEA-LETI and became concerned in X and gamma ray matter interaction simulation with applications to the fields of health-care (CZT gamma camera) and non destructive evaluation (radiography and tomography simulation). Since 2000, his research interests are in the modeling and simulation of biological and biochemical microsystems.

Alain Glière was one of the keynote speakers at the COMSOL User's Conference, fall 2005 in Paris