New Functionality in Version 4.3

  • Improved generation of space-dependent interfaces: Reaction Engineering chemistry can be exported to Free and Porous Media Flow, Darcy's Law, Heat Transfer in Porous Media, Species Transport in Porous Media, and Solute Transport.
  • Improved CHEMKIN import, which is demonstrated in the Compression Ignition of Methane model.
  • Uniform scaling of concentration variables has been added to the Reaction Engineering interface and significantly improves the performance of models with many chemical species.

New Models

  • Protein adsorption
  • Dissociation in a tubular reactor
  • Compression ignition chemistry in an engine, with more than 300 reactions

Backward Compatibility vs. 4.2a

Unit support for the characteristic potential length has been corrected. When you open an old model, COMSOL will automatically convert the potential characteristic length to the correct value. However, in previous versions you may have typed 3.3 for the potential characteristic length of Argon (in angstroms); you must now type 3.3[angstrom] in order to obtain identical results.