Coupling of Wired PCB With Microwave Radiation – 3D Simulation and Experimental Valuation

T. D. Bui[1], F. Bremerkamp[2], and M. Nowottnick[2]
[1]Department of Automobile Engineering, Thanh Do University, Ha Noi, Vietnam
[2]Institute of Electronic Appliances and Circuits, Department “Reliability and Safety of Electronic Systems”, University of Rostock, Rostock, Germany
Veröffentlicht in 2011

Modern electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards (PCB) with their sensitive structures and elements have to be protected against environmental influences by conformal coating or casting compounds. In this case the main challenge is the simultaneous curing of the polymers and the safekeeping of the electronic elements and structures on the PCB. This implies the investigation of the heating based on antenna effects due to the interaction of microwave radiation and conductive wires on PCB.

COMSOL has been applied here to solve this problem because of its benefits concerning using multiphysics simulations. The final valuation by testing series of wired PCBs with similar structures in laboratory microwave oven demonstrated a substantial similarity between the simulations and the experimental results.