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Modelling and Simulation of a Single Particle in Laminar Flow Regime of a Newtonian Liquid

D. Jamnani[1]

[1] Alpha Project Service, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

The interaction of a single particle in straight rectangular channel in laminar flow is modelled explicitly using the set of Navier Stokes equation for the fluid motion and Newton momentum equation for the particle motion in Cartesian coordinate system. The evaluation of integral force acting on the particle along with the behaviour of streamlines as a function of Reynolds number ReP < 120 is done in 2-D numerical simulation. An example of linear shear flow condition in rectangular channel is studied to investigate the nature of drag and lift force in 2 - D simulation and the kinematics of a single particle explicitly in 3-D simulation. The aim of the kinematics study is to evaluate the steady state position of this single particle kept in a fluid stream under the gravitational force. The 3-D simulation schemes for particulate flows are only presented here since the results generation takes long time for CPU speed limitation.