Multiphysics CAE of Shock Absorber

A. Prasad [1], R. C. Thiagarajan [1],
[1] ATOA Scientific Technologies, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

A Shock absorber is a mechanical device engineered to absorb high impact load and provide comfort while riding on a rough roads. Suspension springs are the key components of a shock absorber to resist critical impact loads and provide ride comfort. The cylindrical spring designs comes with several limitation which can not operate under heavy impact loads. This experiment deals with the development of Shock absorber to operate under critical loading conditions and provide additional ride comfort. A conical spring is developed to replace cylindrical springs by achieving maximum compression, negative solid-height, constant spring rate, smooth oscillation and better stability compared to cylindrical spring. This technology can further be used to develop energy harvesting low cost, high performance shock absorbers.