Non Linear Mechanical and Poromechanical Analyses: Comparison with Analytical Solutions

M. Souley, and A. Thoraval
Ecole des Mines
Parc de Saurupt, France

The long-term behaviour of the underground excavations is a social and economic challenge particularly in the contexts of post-mining or radioactive waste storage. Numerical modelings are currently used to understand and forecast the complex behaviour of rock mass around the underground cavities.

In order to accurately perform these multiphysics modelings at high space and time scales, it is necessary to check and validate the capacity of these codes, to correctly reproduce the phenomena through some simple loading paths or some problems for which analytical solutions existing in the field of geomechanics. This paper falls in the validation of COMSOL through non linear mechanical and hydromechanical coupling problems. Three examples are treated and compared to analytical solutions existing in the literature.