Numerical Modeling of a MEMS Sensor with Planar Coil for Magnetic Flux Density Measurements

J. Golebiowski[1], S. Milcarz[1]
[1] Department of Semiconductor and Optoelectronics Devices, Technical University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland

The silicon cantilever with the planar coil was applied to the magnetic flux density measurements. The influence of shape and dimensions of planar coil on magnetic energy density was described. In cause of magnetic anisotropy of analyzed silicon structure FEM method and couple field method was applied in simulation. The Lorentz force based sensors owing to their potentially simpler fabrication and better stability seem to be a better solution. Therefore, the Lorentz-force acting on a microcantilever with the planar winding has been a promising alternative for the measuring of the quasi-stationary and low frequency magnetic fields. The dependence of the beam size on the beam end displacement and its angle as well for the assumed magnetic induction was carried out.