Static & Dynamic Analysis of Modular Cantilever Assembly

N. Pandey[1], R. Upasani[1], G. Bhoye[1], I. Jain[1]
[1]Raychem Innovation Center, India
Veröffentlicht in 2019

Modular Cantilever supports two parallel tensioned cable structure i.e Contact wire, messenger wire and dropper for overhead catenary lines in railways. Its main function is to allow smooth movement of pantograph at desired speed and transfers vertical load, lateral forces and bending moment to the mast. In present paper, two lightweight, unique and robust design of the cantilever are presented and analysed using COMSOL Multiphysics®. Transient study has been carried out for the MCS as it exhibits dynamic behaviour of moving pantograph. Effect of the fluctuations of the contact force for frequency less than 20 Hz was studied in dynamic analysis. Also, static analysis has been carried out once it dampens the dynamic behaviour of tensioned cables.