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Room 301, No. 69, Lane 1688,
North Guoquan Road,
Shanghai, China

Shanghai Multiangle Virtual Technology Group Inc. ("MVT" for short) was established in 2011. It provides technologically advanced multidisciplinary virtual simulation software, virtual testing, and engineering technical consulting services. It focuses on the engineering of driving simulation technology to help reduce test costs, improve product reliability, and shorten R&D cycles. The main technical consulting services include lightning protection simulation analysis, composite material structure multiscale modeling and failure analysis, three-dimensional crack propagation analysis, structure detail simulation analysis, and multiphysics analysis.

Our Electromagnetic Professional Fields Include:

  • Electromagnetic-related multiphysics analysis, including electromagnetic-thermal, electromagnetic-thermal-force, etc.
  • The distribution of time-varying currents, reflecting eddy currents, and skin effects
  • High-current electrical-thermal damage analysis, such as thermal damage to carbon fiber composite materials and metal structures caused by lightning
  • Space electromagnetic field analysis, such as the space electromagnetic environment caused by lightning, HIRF, electromagnetic pulse, electrostatic discharge, etc.
  • Electromagnetic induction analysis, such as in lightning attachments of airplanes, and the layout analysis of lightning receptors of wind turbine blades
  • Electromagnetic shielding analysis, such as the shielding analysis of aircraft metal skin, metal mesh, and carbon fiber composite materials
  • Aperture and slot coupling analysis, including the influence of different apertures and slots on electromagnetic radiation in the time domain and the frequency domain
  • Voltage breakdown and discharge analysis, such as voltage breakdown and discharge caused by lightning and static electricity
  • Induction heating and microwave heating analysis, such as the analysis of heating uniformity when a resin is cured by microwave heating
  • Static electricity distribution analysis, such as the simulation analysis of the deposition static electricity distribution of an aircraft

Other Simulation Consulting Areas:

  • Professional field simulation app customized development
  • Electromagnetic problem simulation process consulting
  • Simulation platform planning and construction consulting
  • Electromagnetic product optimization design consulting
Multiphysics analysis of an arch structure. Simulation results for a mounted structure in COMSOL Multiphysics.