The complete solution for High Performance Computing

A Fujitsu RTG+ Workstation

The Fujitsu RTG+ all-inclusive package. Part of your high performance computing solution and designed to speed your modeling and further your simulations.

Intel Cluster Ready High-Performance Computing Fujitsu

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High performance computing to meet your modeling and simulation needs

Ready-to-Go + (RTG+) is a hardware-software-service bundle with clusters developed by COMSOL, Fujitsu, and Intel®. COMSOL Multiphysics® has been benchmarked and installed on Fujitsu machines running Intel, offering you a turn-key solution for computing large models. RTG+ allows you to enjoy the powers of high performance computing (HPC), without having to set up your own cluster.

Focus on your core business and gain maximum productivity with minimal complexity

Your RTG+ solution includes:

  • a fully installed HPC system ready to use in research and development
  • service and support by our COMSOL support team as well as on-site support by FUJITSU SELECT HPC Partners for installation, integration, and operation
  • an easy and standardized method for managing, monitoring and controlling clusters using the intuitive web interface of the HPC Gateway
  • optimal system specifications, gained from many years of experience in benchmarking
  • system sizes from 1 to 128 compute nodes
  • Intel-Cluster-Ready certified

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Five steps to Multiphysics

We offer individual solutions and 5 easy steps to begin your transition from CAD to Multiphysics simulation.

Simulation Requirements and Objectives

What do you want to simulate and what are your objectives? You will be exclusively advised by a COMSOL expert.

Analysis and Feasibility Study

We analyse your requirements and examine if your conceptual formulation is feasible with COMSOL Multiphysics®.

Get the COMSOL Simulations "Certificate"

Three days of COMSOL training will leave you well versed in all aspects of working with COMSOL Multiphysics®. At this point you will be able to decide if Multiphysics simulation is appropriate for your project. The training includes:
  • Geometry creation and import
  • Definition of material properties and model setup
  • Meshing
  • Solution and postprocessing

Testing Phase

If, after completing the COMSOL Simulation "Certificate", your organization decides to move forward with multiphysics simulation, you will receive:
  • Intensive support (approx. 1x review, approx. 3x short calls per week)
  • Access to trial licences
  • The possibility of completing your evaluation on a RTG+ solution optimized for COMSOL Multiphysics (RLA)

Setup and Establishment of Simulation Processes

Once satisfied with your trial you are now ready to begin deployment to your organization. We will support you during the setup and establishment of the modelling. in addition, you will receive access to special offers and services from COMSOL and FUJITSU.

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