Lumped Receiver with Full Vibroacoustic Coupling

Application ID: 61751

When simulations are involved in the development of mobile devices, consumer electronics, hearing aids, or headsets, it is necessary to consider how the transducers interact with the rest of the system. Here, we show an analysis of the interaction between a vibration isolation mounting and a miniature hearing aid transducer (a Knowles® TEC-30033 balanced armature receiver) using a lumped representation of the transducer. The lumped model is simplified as an equivalent electroacoustic circuit. The vibration and acoustic characteristics of the lumped model are then coupled to a multiphysics model of the vibration isolation system to achieve a full system analysis.

The system modeled represents a typical test setup that consists of a silicone tube that is attached to a 2 cc coupler, a common cavity utilized as an acoustic load.

The mechanical forces within the lumped network are probed and applied as rigid-body loads to the receiver. The output acoustic pressure and probed rigid-body motion of the receiver are coupled to a finite element (FE) model of the silicone tubing attachment and acoustic coupler.

The simulated acoustic response measured in the coupler and the vibration characteristics obtained in the model are compared to measurements. The acoustic response is obtained from the coupler microphone and the vibration characteristics from laser vibrometer measurements.

This model requires the Acoustics Module, the Structural Mechanics Module, and the AC/DC Module.

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