Small Concert Hall Acoustics

Application ID: 20145

Designing structures and open spaces with respect to sound quality is important for concert halls, outdoor environments, and even the rooms of a house. Simulating acoustics in the high-frequency limit, where the wavelength is smaller than the geometrical features, can be done with ray acoustics.

There are several advantages to modeling ray acoustics, including changing media properties and assigning various wall conditions, among others. The wall conditions can be complex valued and depend on both frequency and angle of incidence.

This model analyzes the acoustics of a small concert hall using the Ray Acoustics physics interface. The model setup includes an omnidirectional sound source, wall boundary conditions for specular and diffuse scattering, sound pressure evaluation on a boundary, a Receiver data set, an Impulse Response plot, and an energy decay curve. The results are compared to a simple reverberation time estimate.

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