Thermal Controller, Reduced-Order Model

Application ID: 56861

Large FEM simulations can be costly and, if repeated simulations are needed, it can be beneficial to use reduced-order models (ROMs). ROMs are typically valid only in the vicinity of their design conditions and have lower accuracy, but the simulation time is significantly shorter. The objective for model reduction is to provide a sufficiently accurate representation of the input-output dynamics of the unreduced model in a given parameter range with a minimal total computational cost, including the cost of creating the reduced model.

The dynamical system consists of a metal block that exchanges heat with the exterior. Inside, there is a heater and a thermostat switch. The system works in a very simple manner: The thermostat turns the heater on and off when its temperature is too low or too high. In this tutorial model, it is illustrated how to create a reduced-order model using the Model Reduction study and how the resulting reduced model can be used to investigate different control strategies for thermal control. To illustrate the accuracy of the reduced model, a comparison with the output from the FEM model is also included.

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