Simulation for Automotive Design Innovation

Engineers working in the automotive industry benefit from incorporating the COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation software into their workflow to model electric components, batteries, sound systems, and more.

The COMSOL Multiphysics® software features a consistent user experience, regardless of engineering application and physics phenomena. The platform includes the Model Builder for creating simulations from geometry to visualization, and the Application Builder and Model Manager to further support collaboration across teams and organizations.

Real-World Automotive Simulation Examples

Vehicle Electrification

A three-phase inverter for electric drivetrains.

Bosch uses experimental testing and multiphysics simulation to optimize three-phase inverters for use by electric car manufacturers around the world.

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A microchannel flow field design.

Toyota Research Institute of North America pursues hydrogen-powered vehicles with a simulation-driven generative design method for developing fuel cell flow field plates.

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Fluid–Structure Interaction

A sports car model with the flow field visualized in blue and yellow streamlines.

FSI analysis and large eddy simulation help estimate flow-induced vibrations in a car door and side mirror.

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Audio Systems

A car cabin model with streamlines to visualize the sound system acoustics.

Nissan overcomes automotive audio system design challenges with acoustics simulation.

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EV Design Process

A cropped view of a simulation app for analyzing EV motor designs.

Volkswagen Kassel builds simulation apps to speed up the development process through improved collaboration across teams.

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