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Better Ways to Heat and Cool Buildings

Eric Laurenz, Hannes Fugmann, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany

Adsorptive climate control systems can reduce the power required to heat and cool buildings by running primarily on waste heat, natural gas, and solar thermal energy instead of electricity. While adsorption-based chillers, heat pumps, and thermal storage units are available commercially, they need to be more efficient, compact, and cheaper to produce in order to be available on a larger scale. ...

Defying Convention to Achieve Faster Signal and Simulation Speeds

Juan C. Cervantes-Gonzalez, Intel Guadalajara Design Center, Mexico

As the demand grows for faster electronic devices in smaller packages, we need to develop optimized high-speed interconnects, which transfer the signal between components in electronic devices. Found in printed circuit boards (PCB), this integral design element in electronics packaging carries signals laterally and through the depth of PCBs, traversing many layers of metal and dielectric ...

WiTricity Leverages Magnetic Resonance for Flexible Wireless Charging

Andre Kurs, WiTricity, MA, USA

Engineers at WiTricity have developed a flexible wireless charging setup that relies on magnetic resonance and can be used for a range of applications, including medical implants, electric vehicles, and consumer electronics. Using COMSOL Multiphysics® software, the team analyzed the electromagnetic and thermal behavior of their coil configuration as a function of power drawn by the charged ...

The Sweet Side of Simulation Behind the Scenes at Nestlé

William Pickles, Nestlé, York, UK

To produce chocolate, wafers, cereals, and everything in between, R&D engineers at Nestlé’s Product Technology Centre in York, UK (PTC York) rely on a combination of modeling and simulation tools to streamline production processes and deliver confectionery products with exact nutritional content. Using COMSOL Multiphysics®, the Nestlé team has been able to enhance production for three different ...

Simulations for Solar

Julian Givernaud, EMIX, France

Engineers at EMIX use numerical analysis to characterize and optimize all aspects of design for the manufacture of photovoltaic-grade silicon and photovoltaic cells, including reducing the cost of silicon wafers and improving purity for photovoltaic applications. By simulating the multiscale electromagnetic and 3D continuous casting processes, the EMIX team was able to increase the efficiency of ...

Precision Performance: The Pursuit of Perfect Measurement

Erling Olsen, Søren Andresen, Brüel & Kjær, Denmark

Brüel & Kjær, a manufacturer of transducers, microphones, and other instruments and software for sound and vibration analysis, uses numerical simulation to engineer their devices to be as accurate and precise as possible. Brüel & Kjær engineers develop condenser microphones with frequencies that range from infrasound to ultrasound, using simulation to investigate thermal stress and map resonance ...

From Spreadsheets to Multiphysics Applications, ABB Continues to Power Up the Transformer Industry

Mustafa Kavasoglu, Romain Haettel, and Anders Daneryd, ABB CRC, Västerås, Sweden

The buzzing sound you sometimes hear when walking past high-voltage transmission lines is caused by transformers used for regulating voltage levels. Standard performance and safety regulations require that the noise level be kept within a certain range. In this story, read about how a team of engineers at ABB CRC uses COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation software to evaluate the acoustic, mechanical, ...

Optimizing the Performance of Complex Building Façades

Andrew Watts, Carmelo Galante, Fabio Micoli, Newtecnic, London, UK

Engineers at Newtecnic specialize in complex building design, working with bold and fluid architectural shapes. To meet the requirements for performance targets and structural integrity in these buildings, Newtecnic must evaluate the mechanical and thermal properties of the different components and determine how they respond to factors such as environmental effects, ventilation and insulation ...

Bringing Glucose Monitoring to New Levels Through Integrated Sensor Design

Harvey Buck, Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc., Indianapolis, IN, USA

The test strips in glucose monitors, widely used by people with diabetes to maintain good health, are sensitive to chemical interferences and environmental conditions. The manufacturing process and electrode configuration of these strips also affects response accuracy. Researchers at Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc. used multiphysics simulation to analyze the chemical reactions and voltage ...

Virtual Material Design in 3D Printing Makes Headway with Multiscale Modeling

Marco Barink, Erica Coenen, TNO, Netherlands

The advantages of anisotropic properties in 3D printing materials have been difficult to exploit for product design, limited by material manufacturing and production methods. However, additive manufacturing is opening doors to material fabrication, allowing engineers to virtually design varying material properties into a single product. At the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific ...