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Problem Description

Models with many domains, boundaries, and physics features are slow to work with.


Large models can contain hundreds or even thousands of domains, boundaries, and physics features. Such a large number of features within the model can adversely affect performance. The models themselves may not take an excessive amount of memory to solve, but if they do result in any Out of memory messages, then first consult Knowledge Base 1030 for guidance.

Complex graphical visualization of the model data benefits from having a graphics card with more memory. A list of supported graphics cards is posted on the System Requirements Page. Make sure that your graphics card drivers are up to date. Use OpenGL rendering rather than Software rendering for optimal graphics performance. Instructions on how to change the rendering are in Knowledge Base 933. If possible, minimize your usage of transparency in 3D models since this increases the amount of data visualized at once.

Handling large models can lead to that you run out of Java Heap Space. For information about how to tune your Java Heap, please see Knowledge Base 1243