Introduction to the Uncertainty Quantification Module

In this archived presentation from COMSOL Day: Design Optimization, we give you an introduction to the Uncertainty Quantification Module. This add-on module to COMSOL Multiphysics® helps you characterize real-world model input uncertainties and understand their impact on output quantities of interest (QoIs) — allowing you to simplify your models and maximize their accuracy.

We cover the four study types included in this module, which can be used to:

  • Screen for the most influential inputs on a QoI
  • Compute the fraction of impact of each input on a QoI
  • Analyze how input parameter uncertainties propagate to a QoI
  • Determine the probability of a condition based on a QoI

In the video, you will also see a demo where we use the Uncertainty Quantification Module to run a series of uncertainty quantification studies for a steel bracket model.

Next Steps