Porous Catalytic Reactor with Injection Needle

Application ID: 25

Modeling packed beds, monolithic reactors, and other catalytic heterogeneous reactors is substantially simplified with the Reacting Flow in Porous Media multiphysics interface. This defines the diffusion, convection, migration, and reaction of chemical species for porous media flow without having to set up separate interfaces and couple them. The multiphysics interface automatically combines all of the couplings and physics interfaces required for the modeling of heterogeneous catalysis together with porous media flow and dilute or concentrated chemical species transport.

As this multiphysics interface complements similar ones for laminar and turbulent flow, you can switch or define new couplings to other types of flow models without having to redefine and set up a new interface for the participating physical phenomena. The Settings window allows you to select the type of flow to be modeled as well as the transport of chemical species without losing any of the defined material properties or reaction kinetics. This means that you can compare different reactor structures or model flow in both free and porous media in one reactor, even when the two regimes are connected.

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