Reciprocating Engine with Hydrodynamic Bearings

Application ID: 68571

A single cylinder reciprocating engine supported on hydrodynamic bearings is studied. A starting torque is applied to bring the engine to required rpm. The loading torque is switched on once the engine picks up speed. After the start-up, the engine operates on its own driven by the cylinder pressure.

The engine assembly is modeled using the Multibody Dynamics interface in the Multibody Dynamics Module, and the bearing is modeled using the Hydrodynamic Bearing interface in the Rotordynamics Module. A Solid-Bearing Coupling multiphysics coupling is used to combine the two interfaces.

The results include stress in the crankshaft and foundation, pressure in the bearings, engine speed variation, generated power, brake horse power, and orbit of the shaft in the bearing.

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