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Effect of Permeability Diminution in Nutrient Diffusion in Intervertebral Disc

M. A. Chetoui [1], O. Boiron [2], A. Dogui [3], V. Deplano [2],
[1] Université de Monastir, Ecole Nationale D'ingénieurs de Monastir; Ecole centrale Marseille, Marseille, France
[2] Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS, Ecole Centrale, Marseille, France
[3] Université de Monastir, Ecole Nationale D'ingénieurs de Monastir, Marseille, France

Intervertebral discs (IVD) are fibro-cartilages situated between vertebrae providing their joint flexibility. They play a major role in the transmission and absorption of load through the spine. The disc can undergo progressive structural and quantitative changes in its composition and morphology related to mechanical load applied to the spine which can lead to disc degeneration; this disease is ...

Predication of Acoustical Dissipation in Large Irregular Cavities by Helmholtz Solver

F. Mbailassem [1], Q. Leclere [1],
[1] LVA - INSA de Lyon, France

This paper introduces an efficient model to describe energy dissipation in acoustic. When the propagation domain has hard wall boundary conditions only viscous and thermal losses happen and are completely described by the so-called Full Linearized Navier-Stokes model (FLNS) which is implemented in thermoacoutics interface using the COMSOL Acoustics Module. This model defined by a set of ...

Drop Simulation of Disposable Elastomeric Pump Using COMSOL Multiphysics® Software

R. Kapuganti [1], S. Anbazhagan[1],
[1] HCL Technologies, Chennai, India.

Drop test simulation is one of the important tool used for the impact behaviour study of electronic components. It identifies the flaws in design. The reliability and performance of electronic consoles after the drop is a major concern. Devices are expected to continue functioning after suffering a drop. The model is allowed to fall freely due to gravity load application. Drop test standard ...


蒋帆 [1],
[1] 华中科技大学电气与电子工程学院,武汉,中国

目前的商用有限元软件中,描述导体材料多采用为双线性或者多线性硬化的本构模型,而如纯铜、铜铌合金等材料均在疲劳加载过程中展现出了明显的棘轮效应等循环变形特征。线性硬化模型最大的一个缺陷是不能反映材料的循环硬化/软化、棘轮行为等循环变形特征;相反,非线性硬化模型能对导体材料的循环变形特征行为更为合理的模拟。另外,商用软件存在两方面不可避免的问题,一是非线性随动硬化模型发展迅速,商用软件内嵌的模型不能及时更新至目前更为合理的循环塑性模型,二是不能通过定义损伤变量来对材料损伤造成的材料承载能力的下降进行描述。解决以上问题,可利用商业软件提供的材料二次开发接口,通过编写二次开发子程序来实现用户所需的本构模型或功能。 在金属材料的循环塑性本构模型中,以 Armstrong-Frederick 随动硬化模型为基础进行修改和改进的非线性随动硬化模型得到了更为广泛的发展和应用,具有代表性的有 ...

Topology Optimization of Thermoviscous Acoustics in Tubes and Slits with Hearing Aid Applications

R. Christensen [1],
[1] GN ReSound A/S, Ballerup, Copenhagen, Denmark

When acoustic applications include small geometries, i.e. mm/submillimeter range, so-called thermoviscous effects can greatly affect the pressure response. This paper deals with acoustic topology optimization of such miniature structures with thermoviscous effects taken into account. The most general method for calculating acoustics with thermoviscous effects involves solving the Full ...

Numerical Calculation of the Three Dimensional Inter-Bar Current Distribution in Induction Machines

J. Güdelhöfer [1], R. Gottkehaskamp [1], A. Möckel [2],
[1] University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany
[2] Technical University of Ilmenau, Ilmenau, Germany

The calculation of additional losses in induction machines is a challenging task. In skewed motors, a part of these losses is connected to the phenomena of inter-bar currents. Inter-bar currents flow between adjacent bars through the rotor lamination. Since they are aligned perpendicular to bar currents, they cannot be calculated with 2D FEM, where the motor geometry is cut perpendicular to its ...

Multiphysics Simulations for the Design of a Superconducting Magnet for Proton Therapy

C. Calzolaio [1], H. Carolin [1], S. Stephane [1],
[1] Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland

The use of proton therapy for cancer treatment shows a growing trend, since the radiation dose delivered to the target volume is maximized and the dose to the surrounding healthy tissues is minimized. To direct the proton beam from all directions to the tumor in the patient, the last part of the beam transport system is mounted on a gantry rotating 360° around the patient. This system consists ...

Inverse Analysis of Soil Parameters Based on Deformation of a Bank Protection Structure

Y. Xing [1], R. Hu [2], Q. Liu [1],
[1] Geoscience Centre, University of Goettingen, Goettingen, Germany
[2] School of Earth Science and Engineering, Hohai University, Nanjing, China

Deformation prediction is an important part of the structure stability analysis. However, the deformation of bank protection structure which is affected by many factors, such as structural stiffness, earth pressure and hydrostatic pressure. It contains a complex mechanical process, which is a grey, fuzzy, stochastic and nonlinear engineering problem[1]. Neural network method as one of nonlinear ...

Modeling of Electro-Thermal Microbolometer for Thermal Imaging

A. Nowicki [1], A. Bennecer [1],
[1] Mechanical Engineering, University of Northampton & Gdańsk University of Technology, Gdańsk, Poland
[2] Engineering, University of Northampton, Northampton, United Kingdom

A Microbolometer is a specific type of uncooled infrared radiation detector used in thermal cameras, which converts the incoming energy into a proportionate electrical signal, which is then amplified, processed and displayed, typically on the thermal camera’s LCD viewer. The main principle of operation of a microbolometer is a thermally sensitive layer which is exposed to incident ...


游海鹏 [1],
[1] 山东省青岛市经济技术开发区长江西路中国石油大学(华东)

微波加热具有快速、高效等独特的优点,在工农业生产和生活中均得到广泛应用。然而,负载的存在导致微波谐振腔中电磁场及温度场分布不同,进而导致不同的加热效率和均匀性。为提高微波加热效率和均匀性,利用COMSOL Multiphytics多物理场仿真软件中的微波加热模块,耦合电磁场、温度场以及速度场,采用有限元分析方法建模仿真了微波反应器谐振腔内负载温度分布均匀性的影响因素,为获得更加便捷高效的微波反应器提供理论支持和现实指导意义。研究表明,负载样品的电磁特性影响入射微波能量的吸收及反射,导致谐振腔中的电场分布发生改变,造成谐振腔中驻波场的分布方式差异明显,影响负载样品中温度分布均匀性;针对研究模型,当负载样品高度为30mm时获得较好的温度分布均匀性,微波加热效率可达99%以上;优化后的参数对后期的连续式圆柱形微波反应器的设计和研制具有一定的理论指导意义.