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Ingenieure, Forscher und Wissenschaftler aus allen Branchen nutzen die Multiphysik-Simulation, um innovative Produktdesigns und -prozesse zu erforschen und zu entwickeln. Lassen Sie sich von Fachbeiträgen und Präsentationen inspirieren, die sie auf der COMSOL Conference präsentiert haben. Durchsuchen Sie die untenstehende Auswahl oder verwenden Sie die Schnellsuche, um eine bestimmte Präsentation oder einen bestimmten Filter nach Anwendungsbereichen zu finden.
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DNA Interactions in Crowded Nanopores new

K. Misiunas[1], N. Laohakunakorn[1], S. Ghosal[2], O. Otto[1], U. F. Keyser[1]
[1]University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
[2]Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA

The motion of DNA in crowded environments is a common theme in physics and biology. Examples include gel electrophoresis and the self-interaction of DNA within cells and viral capsids. Here we study the interaction of multiple DNA molecules within a nanopore by tethering the DNA to a ... Mehr lesen

Mean Flow Augmented Acoustics in Rocket Systems new

S. Fischbach[1]
[1]NASA Marshall Space Flight Center / Jacobs ESSSA Group, Huntsville, AL, USA

Combustion instability in solid rocket motors and liquid engines has long been a subject of concern. Recent advances in energy based modeling of combustion instabilities require accurate determination of acoustic frequencies and mode-shapes. Of particular interest is the acoustic mean ... Mehr lesen

The Simulation of Motion of a Slider upon a Stator Due to Frictional Force Using COMSOL Multiphysics® Software new

H. B. Nemade[1]
[1]Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam, India

The Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) linear motor was studied which is developed utilizing the friction principle for driving. The principle says that, when a slider is placed on the Rayleigh waves generated on a stator, the slider moves in reverse direction of the wave due to friction ... Mehr lesen

Micro-ARES, the Electric Field Sensor for ExoMars 2016: Atmospheric Interaction Simulations

G. Déprez [1], S. Cardnel [2], O. Witasse [2], F. Montmessin [1], F. Cipriani [2], A. J. Ball [2], F. Esposito [3]
[1] CNRS-LATMOS, Guyancourt, France
[2] ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands
[3] INAF-OAC, Naples, Italy

Since 2011, LATMOS has been involved in the development of Micro-ARES, an electric field sensor forming part of the DREAMS science payload of the ExoMars 2016 Schiaparelli entry, descent and landing demonstrator module (EDM). Micro-ARES is dedicated to the very first measurement and ... Mehr lesen

Analysis Of MEMS Accelerometer Sensor Using the Taguchi Optimization Method

N. Johan [1]
[1] Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia

A successful and coherent operation of micro - accelerometers, which has been used in various applications for safety purposes like the airbag deployment systems used in vehicles. This can only be attained when the sensitivity requirement is met. The project is about the analysis of the ... Mehr lesen

Dynamic Simulation of Magnetorheological Fluid Using COMSOL Multiphysics® Software

J. Thanikachalam[1], P. Nagaraj [1],
[1] Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi , India.

The present work deals with dynamic simulation of magnetic particles present in the carrier fluid when subjected to external magnetic field. Magneto rheological fluid comes under classification of smart materials, which contain pure CI iron particles, silicon oil as carrier fluid and ... Mehr lesen

Influence of Non-Newtonian Blood Viscosity on Wall Pressure in Right Coronary Arteries with Serial Stenoses

B. Liu [1]
[1] Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ, USA

Three dimensional mathematical models are developed to simulate the blood flows in patient specific right coronary arteries with two stenoses. Simulations are carried out with various flow parameters under physiological conditions. Both Newtonian and non-Newtonian blood viscosity models ... Mehr lesen

Multiphysics Modeling and Development of Automotive Heat Exchanger for Exhaust Heat Recovery

Asutosh Prasad [1], Raj CN Thiagarajan [1],
[1] ATOA Scientific Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bengalore, Karnataka, India

An Internal Combustion Engine (IC Engine) is a heat engine where combustion of air-fuel mixture occurs in a combustion chamber. The combustion of chemical fuels produces energies in form of heat and pressure. The pressure energy then converted to mechanical work through piston, ... Mehr lesen

利用COMSOL Multiphysics®对锂电池进行容量衰减预测

李金东 [1], 吴旭 [1],
[1] 华中科技大学,武汉,湖北,中国

在能源危机和气候变化的背景下,电动汽车和混合动力汽车产业快速发展,锂离子电池在其中发挥着重要作用。锂离子电池使用过程中的容量衰减研究是该领域中的一个重要课题。锂锰氧化物(LMO)由于其经济、无毒害等优点,成为锂离子电池的常用阴极材料之一。有文献报道,在电解液中六氟磷酸锂分解产生质子的情况下,锂锰氧化物会发生分解,锰离子发生溶出并在阳极发生沉积,这是造成锂离子电池容量衰减的原因之一。本模型通过仿真上述过程,分析锂锰氧化物的分解与沉积对电池容量衰减的影响。使用COMSOL Multiphysics®进行建模,参考案例库中的锂离子电池容量衰减模型(Application ID ... Mehr lesen

基于 COMSOL 的 e-SHM 系统齿轮的负压波损伤监测

王佳琪 [1],
[1] 上海交通大学,上海,中国

将结构健康监测(SHM)应用于机器结构故障检测是近些年发展的新方法,其优点是可以在线监控结构的“健康”状况。本文提出并研究了一种内嵌微管的高效结构健康监测(e-SHM)系统。结合快速成型技术,将微管嵌入结构内部,当对微管施加一定压力(真空或过压)时,闭合微管中的压力变化将变得极其敏感。当结构裂纹扩展到微管时,该处因压差瞬间产生压力变化,进而通过微管传播,最终信号被设置的压力传感器接收。通过实时监测微管的压力变化,便可实现结构裂纹的实时检测。本文的主要工作包括两个方面:(1)压力泄漏与负压波传播模型的设计与仿真。基于负压波的 e-SHM 系统齿轮的损伤监测的理论推导 ... Mehr lesen