Error Messages

Error: Internal Error in Geometry Decomposition

Solution Number: 983 Versions: All versions

Why do I get the error message “Internal error in geometry decomposition”? This error means that COMSOL Multiphysics failed to resolve the geometry relations. If your geometry consists of several objects, the objects ...

Error: Failed to Find a Solution. Returned Solution is Not Converged

Solution Number: 964 Versions: All versions

I get this message: Failed to find a solution. The relative residual (0.28) is greater than the relative tolerance. Returned solution is not converged. Messages similar to this are returned for nonlinear problems ...

Error: Singular Matrix

Solution Number: 953 Versions: All versions

What does the error message "Singular Matrix" mean? The problem is that the stiffness matrix of the linear system is singular and the linear solver cannot invert it. Examples of practical modeling situations where this ...

Troubleshooting Graphics Issues

Solution Number: 933 Versions: All versions

I am experiencing graphics issues in COMSOL Multiphysics, what can I do about it? This entry is meant as listing general strategies when experiencing graphics issues in COMSOL Multiphysics. More problem-specific fixes ...

Handling Large Models

Solution Number: 830 Versions: All versions

Models with many domains, boundaries, and physics features are slow to work with. Large models can contain hundreds or even thousands of domains, boundaries, and physics features. Such a large number of features ...

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