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Modeling Surface Plasmon Polaritons in COMSOL®

12. Okt 2022

Due to their potential applications in nanoscale manipulation of light, surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) are of great research interest. Learn how to model them here.

Investigating the Penrose Unilluminable Room with Ray Optics

23. Jun 2022

Is the Penrose unilluminable room really unilluminable? We investigate this question using the Ray Optics and Wave Optics modules…

Computing and Visualizing Satellite Orbits in COMSOL®

9. Mär 2022

Here, we introduce a new, out-of-this-world tutorial model of a spacecraft in orbit.

Zooming in on a Compact Camera Module Design with Simulation

20. Jul 2021

Lights, camera, simulation: Read about factors that help define the performance of compact camera modules (CCMs) as well as how optical ray tracing can be used to analyze their design.

The Quest for Clarity: Tracing Rays in 3 Telescope Designs

25. Mai 2021

The Keck telescope includes a parabolic reflective surface made up of 36 separate interlocking mirrors. Learn more about this and 2 other popular telescope designs via ray tracing simulation.

2 Video Discussions on Multiphysics Simulation of Optics and Photonics

30. Jul 2020

John Wallace, senior editor at Laser Focus World, and Chris Boucher, technical product manager at COMSOL, discuss the use of multiphysics simulation in the optics R&D community. Take a look…

Computational Electromagnetics Modeling: Which Module to Use?

28. Jul 2020

If you work with a particular electromagnetic device or application area, you might be wondering which module in the COMSOL product suite is right for you. Keep reading for a comprehensive intro.

Zeiss, Abbe, and the Evolution of Microscopes and Optical Research

11. Sep 2019

The story of Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe involves a picturesque town in Germany, compound microscopes, and a hammer and anvil. See for yourself with a glimpse into the history of optical research.

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