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A Novel Technique for Producing Ultrastrong 2D Polymers

29. Mär 2022

A group of materials science researchers have developed a new polymerization technique for producing strong and lightweight 2D polymers (a creation that was thought to be impossible!)

Modeling the Permeability of Composite Reinforcement Materials

11. Nov 2021

Here, we go over how to model the permeability constant of an idealized composite reinforcement material.

Designing the Sound Absorption of Microlattice Structures

29. Sep 2021

Using numerical simulation, you can design microlattice structures with sound-absorbing properties, and then print them via additive manufacturing without traditional manufacturing constraints.

Keynote Video: Rapid Prototyping for Sonar Systems

15. Dez 2020

Engineers at Northrop Grumman follow a 4-part rapid prototyping design phase: Design, manufacturing a prototype, testing and design verification, and manufacturing of the final design.

Using the Material Libraries in COMSOL Multiphysics®

27. Feb 2020

The built-in material libraries are databases with materials and their associated properties, while the add-on Material Library contains material properties for more than 3800 materials.

Optimizing Composite Wheel Rim Designs with COMSOL Multiphysics®

12. Feb 2020

Composite wheel rims are stronger and lighter than their conventional steel and aluminum counterparts. Plus, they offer better acceleration, braking, and cornering on the road.

Keynote Video: Improving Process Understanding with Applications

30. Mai 2019

When an organization’s research spans across many industries, consistent product quality becomes the name of the game. That’s why Huntsman Advanced Materials turned to simulation applications.

Veryst Combines Material Testing and Simulation for Reliable Results

11. Mär 2019

Simulation helps companies develop the best designs. Understanding material behavior plays a key role in generating accurate simulations. Here’s how Veryst combines testing and FSI simulation.

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