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How to Use Maximum Likelihood for Parameter Estimation in COMSOL®

13. Mai 2022

Here, we provide an overview of maximum likelihood parameter estimation and the least-squares method.

New Course on Navigating the COMSOL Multiphysics® User Interface

6. Apr 2022

Get an overview of our new 8-part course on building efficient and accurate models with the COMSOL Multiphysics® UI.

Customize the COMSOL Desktop® and Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Feb 2022

Want to make your modeling processes more efficient? Check out these tricks for customizing the COMSOL Desktop® as well as a variety of useful keyboard shortcuts.

The Graphics Window: Effective and Beautiful Postprocessing

1. Feb 2022

Get an overview of how to enhance your postprocessing with the easy-to-use Graphics window and Graphics toolbar in COMSOL Multiphysics.

2 Ways to Use a 3Dconnexion® SpaceMouse® with COMSOL®

13. Jan 2022

Learn about using the 3Dconnexion® SpaceMouse® to select geometric entities and create model images.

Add a Full State-Space Feedback Controller to a Control System Model

23. Mär 2021

Get a brief overview of full state feedback, learn how to use the State-Space Controller add-in, and get a demonstration of implementing the add-in using a mass-spring-damper system example.

Fractals, Noise, and State Variables

5. Jan 2021

Ever notice how the leaves of a fern seem to show a self-repeating pattern? Fractals are objects that exhibit some form of self-similarity at different scales. Learn how to model them here.

The North Pole Models Product Distribution Challenges for the Holidays

18. Dez 2020

Today, a guest blogger from the North Pole discusses using simulation to find out if his boss will be able to fit down all of the chimneys this holiday season.

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