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A Practical Implementation of Multiphysics Topology Optimization

16. Sep 2022

A guest blogger from GN Audio A/S introduces a multiphysics topology framework developed with the COMSOL Application Programming Interface and LiveLink™ for MATLAB®.

New Method for Performing Topology Optimization of FSI Problems

6. Mai 2021

Many topology optimization methods are only available for FSI problems within a purely academic scope. Enter the TOBS-GT algorithm for fluid-structure design…

Material Characterization by Means of Simulation

10. Mär 2020

Carbon-based materials, such as synthetic specialty graphites, are found in many industries, including solar, semiconductor, car manufacturing, ceramics, and metallurgy.

Finding the Best Way to Make Crêpes with Fluid Dynamics Research

6. Nov 2019

The recipe for the perfect crêpe calls for flour, eggs, milk, sugar, butter, and…simulation? Fluid dynamicists used simulation to solve the optimal coverage problem for crêpe making.

Defeating Giant Movie Monsters Using Mathematical Modeling

5. Aug 2019

The predator-prey equation can predict how we’d fare in a monster invasion, as well as real-world biology and ecology scenarios like shark overpopulation and tumor movement.

Keynote Video: EPFL Uses Simulation to Design a Hyperloop Pod

22. Jan 2019

The EPFLoop team used multiphysics simulation to design the aeroshell, pressure vessel, and braking system of their hyperloop pod for the SpaceX 2018 competition. Get an inside look here.

Optimizing the Geometry of Optical Antennas with Genetic Algorithms

12. Sep 2017

What does antenna design have to do with the concept of natural selection? Although it may sound far-fetched, the basic principles of natural selection can be used to optimize antenna geometries.

Studying the Migration of Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons in Food Packaging

17. Nov 2016

Food packaging can contain hazardous mineral oils. To analyze the migration patterns of mineral oil hydrocarbons for various food packaging scenarios, German researchers used COMSOL Multiphysics®.

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