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The Use of COMSOL Multiphysics® in the Food Industry

13. Okt 2022

Food for thought: Explore how previously failed products and the use of multiphysics simulation inspire innovation in the food industry.

The Science Behind Plant-Based Foods

10. Mai 2022

You have probably heard of almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk. But are you familiar with potato milk? This milk substitute hit grocery shelves in Europe in early 2022.

Model Balanced Heat Transfer, Bake a Better Apple Pie

14. Mär 2022

Happy Pi Day! Here, we go over the best ingredient to use when preparing an apple pie, as well as how to model the heat transfer process that occurs in a pie as it is being baked in an oven.

Pasta alla Simulazione: Modeling an Extruder in COMSOL®

14. Feb 2022

On an industrial scale, extruders mix and knead raw pasta dough. Avoid issues with looks, taste, and safety by modeling the extrusion process.

Extracting DNA: From Pumpkins to Mammoths

26. Okt 2021

Here, we go over how to recover DNA from a pumpkin using a simple experiment, as well as how scientists made a recent breakthrough in DNA extraction research.

The Science Behind Cooking Caramel

6. Apr 2021

Whether you’re adding it to brownies, crème brûlée, or an ice cream sundae, cooking caramel is a precarious task: One wrong move and it could burn and taste bitter or recrystallize and harden.

Approaching an Electrochemical Model from Scratch: Lemon Battery

5. Mai 2020

The lemon battery: A high school chemistry experiment, and a great example when learning the general process for how to set up electrochemistry and battery models from scratch.

6 Ways Engineers Are Using Simulation to Help the Environment

22. Apr 2020

Energy-efficient buildings and appliances. Safe nuclear waste storage. Well-preserved freshwater lakes. These are just a few examples of how simulation is being used to help the environment.

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