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Introduction to Modeling Plasma Chemistry in COMSOL Multiphysics®

8. Dez 2022

Here’s your introduction to setting up plasma chemistry models. Topics discussed include transport coefficients, surface reactions, and much more.

The Boltzmann Equation, Two-Term Approximation Interface

24. Feb 2022

When modeling plasma, you sometimes want to define the electron transport properties as a function of the electron energy. The Boltzmann Equation, Two-Term Approximation interface does just that.

Computational Electromagnetics Modeling: Which Module to Use?

28. Jul 2020

If you work with a particular electromagnetic device or application area, you might be wondering which module in the COMSOL product suite is right for you. Keep reading for a comprehensive intro.

Global Modeling of a Non-Maxwellian Discharge in COMSOL®

19. Nov 2018

Keep reading for a demonstration of how to model a non-Maxwellian discharge with the Boltzmann equation in the two-term approximation using COMSOL Multiphysics®.

Introduction to Plasma Modeling with Non-Maxwellian EEDFs

5. Jul 2017

Modeling plasma that has a non-Maxwellian electron energy distribution function (EEDF) results in a catch-22. However, this issue can be overcome by building a simulation application.

A Multilevel Approach to Modeling Planar Discharge in CO2 Lasers

24. Apr 2017

Check out the multilevel approach to plasma modeling used by a researcher in the laser industry, who used the flexibility and functionality of COMSOL Multiphysics® to optimize a gas laser design.

MIT’s PSFC Designs a Tokamak to Survive Plasma Disruptions

17. Okt 2016

A group of engineers at MIT’s Plasma Science Fusion Center (PSFC) used multiphysics simulation to address a key challenge in tokamak design: instability due to plasma disruptions.

New Reacting Flow Multiphysics Interface Delivers Greater Flexibility

9. Sep 2016

Get an introduction to the Reacting Flow interface, which can be used to simulate fluid flow and reactions in gases and liquids in COMSOL Multiphysics®.

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