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Analyzing Vibrations in Rotating Machinery Due to Bearing Misalignment

25. Jun 2019

You can use structural analysis to compare the angular velocity, axial displacement, and bearing reaction moment on the shaft for rotating machinery with aligned and misaligned bearings.

Evaluating the Impact of Bearing Misalignment on Rotor Vibration

14. Mai 2019

Bearings are found in devices ranging from MEMS and turbines to electric motors and even ships. How we account for a bearing’s misalignment (and the resulting rotor vibration) depends on its use.

How to Model Fluid Friction in Joints with COMSOL Multiphysics®

9. Jan 2019

Follow along as we demonstrate how to model fluid friction in joints using 2 rotordynamics examples: a piston and a reciprocating engine.

Predicting the Stability of Rotor Systems with the COMSOL® Software

20. Jul 2018

Instability in a rotor system can lead to catastrophic failure. Fortunately, engineers can predict the stability of rotor systems by performing stability analyses with the Rotordynamics Module.

Evaluating a Turbocharger Design with Rotordynamics Analysis

11. Jul 2018

Like a “turbocharged” cup of coffee, an actual turbocharger also increases speed, but in the operation of a combustion engine, not how fast your morning cup wakes you up.

How to Model Roller Bearings in COMSOL Multiphysics®

14. Feb 2018

Roller bearings are one of the most commonly used industrial components, found in gearboxes, conveyors, motors, and rolling mills, among other devices. Learn how to model this part in COMSOL®.

How to Perform Various Rotor Analyses in the COMSOL® Software

12. Jul 2017

Check out all of the different types of rotor analyses you can perform using the specialized features in the Rotordynamics Module, an add-on to COMSOL Multiphysics®.

Analyzing Critical Speeds with the Rotor Bearing System Simulator

25. Mai 2017

The critical speed of a rotor is the speed at which the amplitude of the vibration in the system could potentially cause failure. Analyze critical speeds in rotor designs with an application.

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