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Building a Solid Foundation for Understanding Seismic Waves

22. Apr 2021

In 1906, there was the California earthquake. In 1908, there was the Lawson Report. In 1910, Harry Fielding Reid proposed the elastic rebound theory. Continue on a deep dive into seismology…

Keynote Video: Rapid Prototyping for Sonar Systems

15. Dez 2020

Engineers at Northrop Grumman follow a 4-part rapid prototyping design phase: Design, manufacturing a prototype, testing and design verification, and manufacturing of the final design.

Course: Modeling Joule Heating with Thermal Expansion

15. Sep 2020

Get an overview of the course on Joule heating and thermal expansion. Plus, access supporting material.

Why Do Tennis Rackets Tumble? The Dzhanibekov Effect Explained…

1. Sep 2020

If you toss a cellphone, tennis racket, wingnut, cereal box, or any object with 3 axes of rotation in the air, it will demonstrate this interesting and unusual effect…

2 Video Discussions on Multiphysics Simulation of Optics and Photonics

30. Jul 2020

John Wallace, senior editor at Laser Focus World, and Chris Boucher, technical product manager at COMSOL, discuss the use of multiphysics simulation in the optics R&D community. Take a look…

Course: Modeling Electromagnetic Coils in COMSOL®

16. Jul 2020

Get an overview of our Learning Center course on modeling coils using COMSOL Multiphysics and the AC/DC Module, from setting up a coil model to analyzing electromagnetic heating and more.

Samsung Amps Up Loudspeaker Designs with Simulation

29. Jul 2019

Some organizations reach success and then shift the goal post. Take Samsung, for instance: Although they lead the market for televisions and smartphones, they set their eyes on another goal…

Keynote Video: Improving Process Understanding with Applications

30. Mai 2019

When an organization’s research spans across many industries, consistent product quality becomes the name of the game. That’s why Huntsman Advanced Materials turned to simulation applications.

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