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Nonstandard Constraints and the Power of Weak Contributions

16. Okt 2018

For a flexible and physics-independent way to extend the applicability of the COMSOL Multiphysics® software, you can implement nonstandard constraints using the so-called weak contributions.

How to Implement the Weak Form for Time-Dependent Equations

27. Sep 2018

Here’s a comprehensive equation-based modeling guide on how to implement the weak form for time-dependent equations, including theoretical background and step-by-step instructions.

Image Denoising and Other Multidimensional Variational Problems

21. Sep 2018

Learn how to solve variational problems featuring multiple dimensions, higher-order derivatives, and multiple unknowns with a fun example: image denoising in a grainy photograph.

Methods for Enforcing Inequality Constraints

17. Sep 2018

Learn 2 methods for enforcing inequality constraints in your variational problems, the Lagrange Multiplier method and Augmented Lagrangian method, as well as the theory behind them.

Methods for Dealing with Numerical Issues in Constraint Enforcement

11. Sep 2018

This post is helpful if you use equation-based modeling: Learn a variety of different methods for dealing with numerical issues when enforcing constraints in variational problems.

Specifying Boundary Conditions and Constraints in Variational Problems

7. Sep 2018

In part 2 of a blog series on solving variational problems in COMSOL Multiphysics®, we discuss how to specify general boundary conditions and constraints.

Introduction to Modeling Soap Films and Other Variational Problems

4. Sep 2018

In this introduction to a 5-part series, learn how to solve variational problems using equation-based modeling, which is useful for modeling soap films, catenary cables, light beams, and more.

How to Implement a Point Source with the Weak Form

24. Aug 2015

Learn how to implement a point source with the weak form in the COMSOL® software. Part 2 of a blog series discussing the weak formulation.

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